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ElCineVino, 10 years of existence, 1000 film shows in all Chile. Bringing the cinema to spectators who do not have access to this cultural asset because of sociocultural, economic or geographical problems.

Seeding cinema and Seeding books, Pedagogic projets to stimulate artistic curiosity and to transmit contents in the field of the cinema and the literature in the children and also the young people. Project rewarded by Development funds for literature and audio-visual in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 et 2010.

WHO WE ARE / A professional work force having more than 8 years of experience in the development of sociocultural projects.

MISSION / To create and set up, in an equitable and democratic way, the educational cultural projects for the benefit of the population and of our customers in all the country.

VISION / To be a company based on decentralization of the culture and education, with creative and innovating proposals, and to affirm us like the sociocultural company of greater impact in all the national territory.


Team work

Social responsibility

Respect of cultural diversity

Teaching artistic workshops to promote the social communication and the exchanges of interests, to stimulate the notion of “us”, to help to develop artistic and cultural concerns in the children, the young people and adultes.

Teaching work is directed according to a participative line which includes work of stimulation and collective creation, whose product is exposed and submitted to the community.

The project develops practices of team work, organization and distribution of roles, as well as the regard of oneself.

Cinematographic presentations in Community public places or closed spaces.

Projection uses a system of high-definition in image and sound, and a big screen for over 500 spectators.

Projections include Chilean and foreign films having had success in rooms, and especially them for a family public.

We use a ecological system of low fuel and energy consumption, and easily transportable in order to reach all the sectors of the country.




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